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Declaration of availability

Last updated 20 January 2023

Everyone must have equal opportunities to use

Our goal is to do available to all users of the system.

    • We shall

      • Maintain and further develop an accessible website.
      • Ensure that the site achieves at least Level AA in WCAG 2.0.
      • Adapt content and functionality so that it meets new requirements in WCAG 2.1.
      • Follow regulations on universal design of ICT.

      The accessibility principles we follow

      • We have regular scheduled sessions to correct WCAG errors.
      • The purpose and function of all links is clearly stated in the link text.
      • All content gets visible focus when you navigate with the keyboard.
      • You can enlarge the text in your browser.
      • We must meet the requirements for color contrasts, headings and links.
      • Prompts or instructions appear when you have form items that need to be filled out.

      We are working on this

      2022 and 2023 prioritize getting all our documents satisfied in relation to the requirements of WCAG 2.0(2.1). In addition, we will update in accordance with new and changed requirements in WCAG 2.1.

      These are priority requirements that we are working to resolve during 2023:

      • The websites are coded so that it is possible to read the content with screen readers.
      • Things should be coded as they appear.
      • Content must be presented in a meaningful order.
      • All images must be described with alternative text.
      • The language on the websites must be clear and understandable for all our users.
      • All our videos with sound must have accompanying subtitles and/or descriptive text.

      Notify us of unavailability

      Is something not working properly? We greatly appreciate feedback about the universal design of our websites!

      You can reach us at [email protected]