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Booking system - Book, Pay and Open

Join the future of rental

Let bookings go on autopilot

Save time with the Gibbs booking system

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Flexible booking system

Choose between hour, day or customized time periods for rental

Rent out anything

Company premises, meeting rooms, sauna, sports hall, cabins etc

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Online payment

Let your customers pay in advance with Vipps, Visa or Mastercard.
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Offline payment

Send invoices from your own invoicing system. Download all your bookings as invoice basis.
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Connected to smart lock

The booking system is connected to a smart lock

How to open?

Open the smart lock with a code, a URL link or Bluetooth

Who has access?

Always have a full overview of who has been granted access

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How to get started?

Get started in 5 minutes!

Do you need help? We set everything up for you free!

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Loose sauna

Losen sauna in Kopervik has automated rental. Their customers can easily book an appointment, pay with Vipps/Visa, and receive a unique code via SMS to open the smart lock. The smart lock works even without internet!

Sports halls

See how Os municipality uses the booking system for all their rental properties

Karisveien Company premises

In the past, volunteers spent their valuable free time handling bookings and key delivery manually. Now, with the booking system everything is automatic

Save time

Gibbs saves you 53 minutes and your customers 33 minutes on each booking (see calculation) by simplifying dialogue, payment and key delivery.

Start with automatic booking and payment, and expand later as needed.

NOK 89 / months

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Simple administration

Drag and drop

Make changes by dragging and dropping the booking to a new time and date

Payment link

Create a reservation and send the customer a payment link

Email notification

Notification for all new bookings

Work where, when and with what you want

Whether you or your customers use a mobile phone, PC or tablet, gibbs works just as well


Get notified when someone books or sends a message


Choose whether you want to receive an SMS notification when a booking arrives


Over the years, Gibbs has seamlessly integrated with a number of different systems, including Airbnb, Vipps, ARX and Igloohome. Furthermore, we are actively working on adding more integrations in the future. Below is a full list of our integrations, and we have more exciting additions on the way. You can also see the full list of integrations below.
complete integration list

What do our customers say?

The Gibbs booking system is used for the rental of

Banquet facilities

Customize time intervals as needed – hours, days or specific periods. Require the customer's acceptance of terms before ordering. Choose automatic or manual confirmation of orders, let customers receive a unique code for the smart lock, and notification to laundry staff


Regardless of whether it is a sauna on the pier, a mobile sauna or one on the mainland, with or without Wi-Fi access, we automate the entire rental process for you. You can either charge per person or rent the entire unit at once

Sports halls

The booking system is suitable for both seasonal bookings and occasional rentals. Set up automated door and heating control. Give a target group discount to teams and associations and show availability on an info screen


Regardless of whether you want to rent out cabins, homes with or without electricity access, we offer a fully automatic solution with integrations to Airbnb and other platforms for managing your rental units

Meeting room

Choose between internal or external booking, or both. Take paid or free booking. In addition, the system gives you the option of displaying bookings on a tablet

bookingsystem for minilager


Gibbs is primarily a rental booking system, but it is versatile enough to suit a variety of businesses, including mini warehouse, dog park, parking golf simulator and more

Over 100 booking system functions

The Gibbs booking system is a versatile solution that has delivered good results for a number of different areas. Therefore, it has been successfully implemented by municipalities, housing associations, equipment and housing landlords, as well as mobile saunas. For a full overview of all features, see below: Feature list