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    MoonMoon Foodtruck - Catering where you want us
    Food and drink / Food truck


    At «Moon Moon» we also offer catering services and we have extensive experience with party events. Our concept, which is basically a kitchen on wheels, makes the whole delivery practical both for you and for us.

    Catering | Christmas table | Garden & Party ..

    We deliver fresh and delicious dishes directly to you, wherever you are. Whether you are high in the mountains or in a cabin in the woods or on a sunny beach - as long as it is close to the road, we can deliver to you.

    We take care of everything

    Are you getting stressed out by planning the party you are going to hold?
    You do not have to be. Let us arrange it for you!
    You can rather spend the time enjoying and let us serve.

    Delivers where you are

    We deliver all over Østfold. When we take assignments, we pay in advance. 15,000kr.

    Opening hours

    We are open all year and adapt to you.



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