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Only for unit holders

If you book on behalf of the unit holder, state the unit holder's information in your booking.

Price guarantee

Should this supplier be cheaper elsewhere, get in touch. We will refund the deposit!

Tidsluker bookingsystem (demo)

How does it work?

1. Book

Select from date to date. All bookings are valid from x date at 12:00 to x date at 12:00.


Enter your information (unit holder) and write the property number in the comments field.

3. Access code by SMS on the rental day

Enter the code you received via SMS and finish by pressing the lock icon to enter the room


  • Monday 08:00 Til Monday 16:00
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  • Monday 16:00 Til Monday 23:00
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  • Tuesday 08:00 Til Tuesday 16:00
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  • Tuesday 16:00 Til Tuesday 23:00
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  • Wednesday 08:00 Til Wednesday 16:00
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  • Leie av lydutstyr

    Lei høyttallere og lydmiksere

  • Leie av kjøkken

    Alt av kjøkken utstyr og redskaper




Additional information

Landlord requires that you have read and approved the conditions before the request can be sent

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