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    Smokey Sound - Coverband from Eidsberg
    Artists and entertainment / Music / Poprock, Rock

    "Smokey Sound" is known for creating a good atmosphere and a high party factor. Vocalist Øivind Strand is one of Norway's best at singing Smokie songs, also a reason why the group eventually took the name Smokey Sound.

    Smokey Sound plays pop and pop rock. In addition, Smokie songs cover songs by Pink Floyd, Creedence, Billy Idol, Santana, CC Cowboys, Dum Dum Boys, Delbert McClinton, Chris Norman, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, Dire Straits. m.fl.

    About Smokey Sound

    Smokey Sound's origins from 2008, as the local band Moden Frukt from Mysen in Østfold. Over the years, Smokey Sound has played under many names: Ripe Fruit, Playboyz and No Smoking.

    The band took the name "Smokey Sound" in 2012, the name reflects the soundscape of the band. When the British rock band "Smokie" was in the studio for the first time in the US, the producer said: "Oh, that was a smokey sound"


    All our songs are attached as additional information at the bottom.


    * Øivind Strand: vocalist, guitarist, harmonica. Øivind lives in Mysen, but is originally from Oslo. Øivind played in the Black Light Band from 1974, they participated in the NM in Rock in 1977 where they got a second place. He has also played in: Captain Midnight, Cocktail and Roullet. Øivind has played in Smokey Sound from the spring of 2009 when the band was called Ripe Fruit, the band continued to play under the names Playboyz and No Smoking before finally landing on Smokey Sound. Øivind has also gathered the original cast of Black Light Band, who now play together on a hobby basis.

    * Morten Skaug: drummer. Born in Sunndalsøra in 1970, moved to Molde as a ten-year-old, began playing drums in a choir as an 11-year-old. Moved to Arendal in 1985, continued with drums in a cross context, then started a basement band life in addition to playing in a corps for three years.

    Morten moved to Stockholm in the summer of 1991 and got a job in the band «Clawfinger», during 1992 he was involved in the recording of the album «Deaf Dumb Blind». There were a couple of European tours as a band for "Alice in Chains" and "Anthrax" during 1993. There was also a collaboration with the Swedish rap trio "Just D", where a four-track EP was recorded. with Just D and Clawfinger as backing band and subsequent tour after this.

    * Øyvind Celius: guitarist, vocals / choir. Øyvind grew up in Elverum, but now lives in Bærum. Øyvind was in a number of hard rock bands including: Black Night, White Niggers and Rex Begonia. Rex Begonia released an EP in 1982 with their own songs. Moved to Oslo and joined Captain Midnight in the early 90's. When Captain Midnight resigned, he played as a troubadour in Norway for 15 years, at the same time as he was with two husbands (Uncle Blaa) in Bærum. He has been a studio musician on two CD recordings. The last band he played in before Smokey Sound was "The Man on the Stairs", they have released a CD.

    * Morten Pettersson: bassist. He grew up in Oslo, but now lives in Lørenskog. Morten played in Hexagon in the 70-80s, in addition he was part of the Black Light band and had a small guest appearance in the Oslo band Bronx. After a break of approx. For 20 years he started the blues band T & Jet Tornados again, where he still plays. Morten has acted on both bass and guitar in a number of dance bands: Riksvei22, Full coverage, Søvnløs and in the blues band Smokey Cadillacs.


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