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    Our Silent Disco events have become a popular way to entertain all your guests. The most common reason why people have a quiet disco party is to have several music genres play at the same time so that all guests can find their own music genre that they like.

    Silent Disco also has another advantage, which is to avoid neighbor complaints in the evening. When the evening comes, you can switch to Silens Disco and enjoy the evening / night.

    No one likes shouting over loud music when talking to friends, while a quiet disco party allows guests to remove their headphones and enjoy conversations with family and friends without losing their voices.


    • We can offer as many headphones as you need for your event.

    • 3 channels of music for all tastes

    • A unique and fun experience

    • Noise Restrictions Solution

    • Latest Fully Rechargeable LED Headphones

    Incredible sound with bass

    It can be up to 3 DJs. Play up to 3 styles of music at the same time. Or is the second and cheaper alternative programmed playlists selected by customers in advance.

    How does it work?

    Take a room / field / tent full of people and set them all up with one of our unique two or three channel wireless headphones.
    Have our regular DJs play completely different styles across all channels simultaneously.

    ideal for the following

    • Exercise classes especially outdoors.
    • Silent Cinemas
    • Fire activations / 3D / Binaural Sound
    • Schools -especially language schools
    • Home parties (they usually rent between 25-100 headphones for one night)
    • The company parties (these are mostly either Christmas parties or events after team building)
    • Student parties / Freshers party
    • Etc. We have the headphones used for various other events such as Scary Halloweens, meditation and yoga, car racing, Stadium Commentary etc.



    • Hourly rate
      0 kr
    • Daily price Mon-Fri
      7000 kr
    • Daily price Sat-Sun
      8000 kr

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