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    Rune Tønnessen - Original artist from Moss
    Artists and entertainment / Music / Pop

    From drummer to vocalist and songwriter

    Rune Tønnessen was born and raised in Oslo and started as a drummer in various bands, before he set the solo in 2000. He put the drums aside and set as a vocalist and as a songwriter.

    More hits

    He has released 2 albums with pop in Norwegian, where he has had several hit singles on Nrk P1. The highlight was probably when he played for full houses at John Dee in Oslo in 2013, where he was support for FISH. In addition to conquering 10 IN THE SHOT twice in 2004 with the Pop / dance song "The rain just pours down", where he took the artist name DENNIS. This was a hit on NRK Mp3 and several places in Europe!

    New album

    Now he is in the process of marketing the new album "Mellom himmel og hav". Rune was one of the lucky ones who survived the bomb in the government quarter on July 22 and the song "Star Rain" on the new album, is a bit about that.



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