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    Wednesday band - all-singing for your party (demo)
    Artists and entertainment / Music / Country, Soul, Swing

    The Wednesday band gives you cover versions of hits, picked from the top shelf among the most popular artists of all time and is known as one of the best live bands in its genre.


    Plays everything from pop, jazz, country to Norwegian music. The repertoire at the bottom shows the breadth of the genre the band plays within.

    The band

    After more than twenty years of collaboration, the members have developed a professional and safe stage performance. Over the years, the band has created unforgettable experiences for hundreds of party-minded people at concerts, family parties and corporate events.

    We can guarantee the feeling of real concert atmosphere and singing. Laughter that hangs loosely over the tables, and an atmosphere that is palpable. Our Concerts are a wonderful symbiosis of good music and drink in abundance, and it is a whole evening you will not want to miss.

    Play the missions

    Card (our minimum price NOK 6,000)

    We play for 1 and a half hours where we choose our own playlist. We usually take a 15 min break after playing for 45 min.

    2. Standard (send request for price)

    We play for 3 hours. Where you get the opportunity to choose songs in advance or let us take care of it. We usually take a 30 min break after playing for 45 min.

    3. premium (send request for price)

    Tailored performance of up to 10 hours of playing time spread over several days. May be scattered or consecutive. Example Friday-Saturday or every other Wednesday for a month.

    We take assignments throughout Østfold driving is included.


    We are flexible when it comes to assignments. But we must receive the inquiry at least 1 week in advance. This is so that we can be prepared.


    Rune Frodesen - Guitar and choir

    Kristin Dahl - Korist

    John Sørbøe - The vocals

    Thomas Haven - Drummer

    Kjell Løvslett - Bassist


    Send us a non-binding request and let us find out how we can make your event unforgettable.


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