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    LæffenBænd was started about 10 years ago by two good friends. Since then, the band has kept going in most places in Eastern Norway as well as something outside this area as well. The band focuses on cover songs but has released a couple of singles such as the single "Klokka Er Nå" for income for spinning against childhood cancer where the band has a great commitment. And that they made a humorous version of Avicci song Hey Brother into their own version and dialect "Hællæ Brodærń" with which they have had great success. Otherwise, LæffenBænd is very concerned with having great contact with its audience and is skilled at just this with creating an all-singing factor (ref can be obtained). The band plays at all kinds of events, and has also been on a trip to Gran Canaria after a collaboration with Little Brother Sande Larsen, which now continues until the autumn. LæffenBænd has good references from various organizers that they behave neatly and professionally for the places they play, and therefore always get to come back. If you want all-singing, fun, a high party factor, LæffenBænd is something for everyone. The band guarantees that they deliver 100%.

    Bande plays well-known cover songs from both Norwegian and foreign artists, where the audience recognizes the lyrics and the songs well.

    Book Læffenbænd for your event subject. You will not regret!



    Mikael Jensen
    Electric Guitar, Alt (Vocal) and Western Guitar

    Mikael Jensen is a very talented guitarist and not least vocalist with his distinctive voice. Mikael shares the vocal job with Læffen

    Terje Sørensen

    Terje helped start this gang and is a tromiss who is safe and well behind you. Has a long career as a musician

    Walter Thorbjørnsen

    Walter together with terje makes sure that the band has a steady and tait comp. Walter also contributes a lot of choirs

    Jan Erik Læffen Helgesen
    Guitar and Vocals

    The lip is the band's front figure and ensures that the atmosphere is good when they are out playing. Læffen is probably one of the most skilled at just getting hold of the audience to make sure that the choir is in place as soon as they enter the stage. Bandets bajas!


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