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    Photographer - Camillast
    Photo and video


    First of all, I love photos, I love capturing important events. Thank you for finding my way. I love documenting everything from everyday motifs, to the really big days, like weddings, or when a tiny newborn is going to get his first real photos. Pictures for me are to document someone's story, and I would very much like to help you capture your moments.


    I document your big day, of you, guests, details and not least the atmosphere! Is the date set and the hunt for the photographer started? Do not be one of those who contact me too late, as I only manage one wedding per weekend. Would love to hear about your big day and join the planning! I am very happy to provide advice and tips in addition to documenting their day.


    I help you on your way with pictures that will stop time and last forever!

    It is quite possible to combine two outfits if you wish, one in the finesse and one "regular". Some want to portray youth in what they love, maybe it's a sport, or maybe music. Everything is possible to document in a nice way on photos.

    We like both the classic pictures with bunad and suit, and the more typical pictures that may show the youth more as you usually know them. I would love to hear what your wishes are. The photography takes about an hour, and you get to choose which photos you want to buy afterwards.

    Corporate photography 

    I also take pictures for corporate events.

    Minimum price 

    The minimum price for photography is DKK 4,000.


    Welcome to photography, we hope to see you!


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