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    Drone photo and video - capture the magical moments
    Photo and video

    I offer both drone photo and video from the air with my two camera drones. The operations are insured, and the business is approved by the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority with operator number NO.RPAS.00090.

    The dedicated photodron carries a system camera with an APS-C image chip and a Sigma 19 / f2.8, 10 / f4 or 30 / f2.8 lens, for sharp and contrasting images.

    The video drone is a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, but it also takes 20MP still images in high resolution at ~ 24mm equivalent focal length. In combination with ND filter, this provides sharp, smooth and "gel-free" video.

    I can also offer photos and video from DJI Inspire 2 with X5 through my partner, where we fly with a dedicated drone operator and photographer.

    360 - Drone photo

    With the new Phantom 4 Pro, I can finally also offer 360 photography with high resolution and good dynamic range! The images can be delivered ready for publication to several different platforms, including Facebook and Lapentor. The latter supports a number of inserts, including hotspots, gyroscope support, articles, custom graphical interfaces, links and audio content. The final image resolution is around 230MP. Facebook only allows 18MP resolution on 360 photos, and offers limited zoom capabilities, but in return you can navigate the image by turning and turning the phone.

    360 images in themselves give a fairly unique perspective, and when taken from a drone at a height of 120 meters, you get a very good overview.

    When 360 photos are published on Facebook, users can navigate around the photo by turning and flipping the phone or tablet. The overview images are still perceived as something new by the users, seeming to reap greater engagement than similar image items, if the content is relevant.

    On Facebook, this photo was shared over 400 times, and seen by 70,000 people, with a modest advertising budget of NOK 200. I also had similar results for the 360 images in Moss and Sarpsborg.

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro
    Drone w / NEX6 APS-C
    DJI Mavic Air
    DJI Mavic Mini
    DJI CrystalSky 7.85
    DJI Inspire 2 X5 *


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