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    Bjørnstad Catering - Always tasty food in good quality
    Food and drink / Catering

    I am a skilled chef with over 20 years of experience from the industry. I focus on good ingredients and quality. The job is a passion and I have a great pleasure in giving people good taste experiences. I collaborate with skilled chefs who I trust 100% in relation to delivering the quality I want to stand for.

    We offer ready-made menus for every occasion, and we can compose a completely unique dining experience if you wish! Get in touch, and together we can create your very special dream menu!


    Exit under 4 km. 200, -. Used equipment is completely returned to Søilegaarden. Can be picked up for a fee of 200, -. Over 4 km, the exit fee is agreed in more detail.

    Minimum order

    We take a minimum of 10 dishes. This is about 3000kr.

    Complete menu

    1. Christmas food / Christmas table

    2. Cold table

    3. Confirmation menu

    4. Company menu

    5. Tapas

    6. BBQ Menu

    7. Pots / soup

    See attached menus bottom field.


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