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Get started as a landlord

  1. Click on "log in"
  2. Select «register»
  3. Fill in first name, last name, e-mail and password
  4. Click «register»

Then you will be logged in and come to «my profile»

  • Select profile picture. This can be a logo or something that represents you.
  • Fyll ut «om meg». Eks historien til bedriften eller hva bedriften tilbyr. Dette vil gi potensielle kunder innsikt om din bedrift.
  1. Register account (if you have already, skip it increased here)
  2. Klikk på «legg ut annonse»
  3. Select ad type
  4. Then fill out the form, as accurately as possible
  • If you offer premises and outdoor areas for rent, then choose ad type Lokals and outdoor areas. 
  • If you offer equipment rental or services artists, standup, photography, video production, etc. then choose the ad type Rent. 

Basic information Skriv en beskrivende «tittel» om din annonse. Det er den tittelen som 9999vil vises når potensielle kunder blar gjennom annonsene.Tips: Ta med noe som skiller deg ut. Eks » Nydelig havutsikt»eller «Moderne» CategorySelect the category that suits your service fits below. Eg if you rent out courses & conference rooms velg kategori «Lokaler & uteområder». If you offer rental of party tent, table and chairs, sound & lighting system velg kategori «Utstyr»KeywordsThat is, words that represent your services. Eg if you rent out is suitable for company, then you can write party premises in that field. If you offer entertainment and are an artist, then you can write the genre you play, eg pop or rock. FacilitiesChoose the facilities you have available. DescriptionHere it is important to have a good and sincere description. Customers should not be left with questions that could easily be clarified through the description. The better the description, the less work for you. AddressEne feltet som heter «Lese vennlig adresse» er adressen som vil være synlig på annonse-profilen. Nedenfor ser du eksempel på de to adressene.Regular address: 11, Storgata, Hofgårdløkka, Bakbanken, Halden, Viken, 1776, NorwayEasy to read address: Storgata 11, Halden PicturesWhen you scroll down through ads on or Airbnb, what do you look for first? Pictures are the first thing you look at and it tells more than a thousand words. We have created a checklist for how to create attractive advertising. Checklist

  1. Quality: Sharp images with professional camera
  2. Inviting: That the pictures are attractive to look at has an incredible amount to say for a good sale
  3. Number of photos: we recommend a minimum of 4 photos so that customers get enough insight
  4. Video: can be a tool to show what can not be conveyed through images and text.

Extra servicesThese are extra services that you offer. This can include a cleaning package, coffee, delivery and pick-up, training, staffing, waiters, etc.

  1. Only one rental object / service per ad and only one ad per rental object / service
  2. The title and description of the ad must be clear and describe the rental object as best as possible
  3. Minimum 4 high quality photos
  4. Annonsen skal være under riktig kategori. Eks selskapslokaler, konferanserom og uteområder til leie skal bli plassert under «Lokaler og uteområder»

Hvis en leietaker ønsker å leie dine tjenester, så vil vedkommende sende deg en forespørsel. Som utleier vil du få muligheten til å akseptere eller avslå denne forespørselen. Hvis du velger å akseptere forespørselen må leietakeren betale innen det har gått 24 timer.Hvis leietakeren ikke legger inn en betaling utløper leieforholdet, og det betyr at det ikke blir opprettet et leieforhold.Det kan være flere grunner til at det ikke kan leies ut, og da kan du velge å avslå forespørselen ved å trykke «Decline«. Før du trykker avslå, så anbefaler vi å forklare hva grunnen til det er og eventuelt avtale å sende ny forespørsel for et annet tidspunkt. Dialogen kan foregå på «meldinger».

The standard for customers is getting higher and higher as a result of the digitalisation that is taking place in society. Customers want an intuitive and simple approach. An updated calendar is the most important thing for customers. They want to get an overview in no time, instead of calling and sending emails.

  1. Update the calendar regularly
  2. Let us know well in advance if there are any changes that mean you are not available
  3. If you use an external booking system and want to integrate, contact us by e-mail.

To be able to pay money to you, we need your bank account number. In most cases it is the account number we need, but in some cases we need the IBAN number. You can find this number in your online bank, or by contacting your bank. To enter the account number do the following:

  1. Gå til «dashbord»
  2. Trykk på «saldo»
  3. Bla ned til nederste feltet » Utbetalingshistorikk»
  4. Trykk på «angi utbetalingsmetode»

Gibbs is not only a marketplace for events, but also one Community who has a vision to connect people through events. When people meet and interact, they share experiences together, that is when they form closer ties. You as a landlord are part of the experience, help to make it unforgettable for customers. Game rules for well-being:

  • Responds to all requests (accept or reject)
  • Responds quickly and politely
  • Holds agreed time
  • Provides good experiences for tenants
  • Gives feedback and ranks the tenant on after each tenancy.